I believe in making a creative difference, I design because I give a damn.


My Mission

I believe in making a creative difference, stepping beyond the obvious to design meaningful solutions to big problems.


“Design is the solution to a problem. Now, as an industry, we need to ask ourselves if we are tackling the right problems.”


At present I lead a powerfully talented team of designers and researchers at Foundation Medicine who work passionately tackling one of the world’s biggest problems, cancer. Deeply understanding the cancer patients we serve and delivering meaningful solutions for them and their oncologists is what gets me out of bed in the morning.

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The Work

I lead creative teams that help people. Whether it's serving unbanked populations in the Favelas of Brazil, working with cardiologists on new ways to measure blood pressure or educating cancer patients about genomics, I am inspired by opportunities that matter. I use my skills  for good and hope to challenge others to do the same.


Design has the power to change the world. As designers we need only accept the challenge of designing for medicare patients instead of only millennials.

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Let's Collaborate

I am always interested in new partners, projects and opportunities.

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