You need your body's data translated, so you can best understand how it's doing and how to make it better.



Mobile App

Work completed

August 2013 - May 2015




In the summer of 2013 Quanttus was founded with a simple but powerful mission: to provide the richest and most actionable personal health data in the world.

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After talking to hundreds of Americans suffering from heart disease we better understood what motivated them, what they felt empowered to change and how we could support them and their journey to health. We designed a mobile application heavy on behavior change and empowerment. 

Designing capabilities around patient education, smartly timed insights, longitudinal data tracking and custom developed heart metrics we set out to help those suffering from heart disease. The mobile app strived to make complex health scenarios simple and actionable. 


"Our goal was to provide the richest most actionable health data in the world."


Behavior change happens at three scales; near, mid and long term. For the Heart Health Application this meant helping users track and interpret their data at day, week and month intervals. 

Similarly, it meant providing actionable insights in regularly timed feedback loop. This framework became core to the application's behavior change strategy and ultimately its design. 


Of equal importance was building an understanding with the user of the data being tracked. The Heart Health Application helped those suffering from heart disease (or even those looking to manage weight loss) understand the varying value of light, moderate and vigorous activity.

"The transformation of personal health is what will save lives."

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The quantified self movement promised transformations in personal health but missed the mark. The Heart Health Application strived to go beyond showing users their data by providing powerful and carefully timed insights to drive behavior change. Once the right data is collected, normalized and tracked only then can action be taken. 

Designed beneath the Heart Health Application was a rich data-analytics platform that provided insights to users, with helpful and realistic suggestions nudging them to stay on track. 

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In the End:


We spoke to hundreds of those suffering with heart disease, looking to tackle their most challenging life goals; insights derived in those conversations led to a powerful and comprehensive set of features.


By focusing on Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Exercise and Sleep we were able to develop a core set of goal tracking and insights-based plans which fostered meaningful behavior change.


We launched a lean mobile app focused on helping its users with their heart health by tracking and providing insights around core metrics.