Customer-centric thinking is just as critical for identity development as for product development.



New Identity & Corporate Site

Work completed

November 2015 - June 2016


Foundation Medicine


During my time at Foundation Medicine it became clear the company's current identity did not communicate our mission and vision clearly. The corporate identity and subsequently the corporate site had not been touched in the six years since the company's founding, yet the company had evolved significantly.

FMI Site Mock.png

When a site and corporate identity were originally developed by a company's founders it can be a challenge to revise or evolve it. Their hearts and minds have shaped the company from day one, so the design process has to be highly collaborative so that their expertise can continue to shape future iterations.

The process began and ended with extensive research. Just as with product development understanding how customers' thoughts, feelings and needs is critical for developing a meaningful identity and web experience. For Foundation Medicine customers included oncologists, patients and pharma partners.

"Patients and their stories should always be a the heart of healthcare brands."




Prior to this project Foundation Medicine's identity was fragmented, as new products were developed and launched they took on their own narrative. Additionally, patient stories were leveraged as testimonials versus fundamental perspectives.

"From reorganizing the brand architecture, to adapting visual systems, the evolution was extensive and adaptive."



Following the brand evolution project not only was the visual identity of the company complete with the launch of a new site and trade show presence but the company's digital footprint was consolidated from 5 separate sites and logins to a single place for customers to access their products and learn about Foundation Medicine.

HomePage Options.jpg

In the End:


We spoke to a broad range of customers to understand how they view the Foundation Medicine identity at the time and how they wanted to interact with a genomic oncology brand. 


We partnered with Boston area identity strategists to develop a unique set of brand promises and narratives that could be brought to fruition.


We designed and launched the site, a new trade show presence and an entire set of brand guidelines that is currently live. This including reskinning hundreds of materials, developing iconography, illustration and creative directing multiple photo shoots for new brand photography.